Introduction to glass bottles of cosmetics packaging materials

glass bottles of cosmetics

In the process of cosmetics processing, the communication with customers will encounter many customers' questions about cosmetics packaging materials. General customers don't know much about the packaging materials of cosmetics, so the cosmetics manufacturer specially arranges the relevant knowledge as follows:

Cosmetic packaging knowledge of glass bottles (cream cream, essence, toner, essential oil bottle)

Glass bottles are mainly used in cosmetics: skin care products (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oil and nail polish. They are small in size, larger than 200ml and rarely used in cosmetics. Glass bottles are also divided into wide mouth bottles and narrow mouth bottles. Solid paste generally uses wide mouth bottles, which should be equipped with electrochemical aluminum caps or plastic caps. The caps can be used for color spray and other effects; Emulsion or water type paste usually uses narrow mouthpiece and suitable pump head, for example, the cover should be fitted with internal plug, water agent with small hole and inner plug, and thicker emulsion with large hole plug.

Glass bottle display of cosmetic processing packaging materials

The uneven thickness of glass bottles will easily lead to damage, or it is easy to be crushed by the contents under severe cold conditions. The reasonable capacity shall be tested during filling, and the paper shall be used for transportation and separated separately. The products shall be equipped with color boxes, and the inner support and middle box can better take the anti vibration effect.

The commonly used bottle shapes of glass bottles are usually in stock, such as essential oil bottles, ordinary transparent or frosted bottles. The production cycle of glass bottles is long, and it takes 20 days to make them fast. In some cases, the delivery period is 45 days. Generally, the order quantity is 5000-10000. The smaller the bottle type, the larger the quantity to be made. The cycle and starting order quantity will be affected by the peak season and off-season. Mold opening cost: the manual mold is about 2500 yuan, the automatic mold is generally about 4000 yuan, and one out of 4 or one out of 8 costs about 16000-32000 yuan, depending on the conditions of the manufacturer. The essential oil bottle is usually made of tea colored or colored and colored abrasive. It can avoid light. The cover is covered with a safety ring, and can be provided with an inner plug or a dropper. The perfume bottle is usually equipped with an exquisite spray pump head or plastic cover.

Combination form:

1. Cream bottle series: glass bottle body + double-layer plastic cover (general capacity is 10g-50g)

2, essence liquid series: glass bottle body + plastic pump head or electrified aluminum pump head (relatively high capacity in 20 to 100ml)

3. Toner series: glass bottle body + plastic inner plug + outer cover (more than 100ml, which can also be equipped with pump head)

4. Essential oil bottle series: glass bottle body + inner plug + big head cover or rubber dripper + dropper + electrochemical aluminum cover

Manufacturing process:

Bottle body: transparent bottle, frosted bottle, colored bottle "white porcelain bottle, essential oil bottle" (not commonly used color, but high order, less professional line), spraying

The effect of spraying generally needs to add another 0.5-1.1 yuan / piece, depending on the area and color matching difficulty. The silk screen printing is 0.1 yuan / color. The cylindrical bottle can be calculated as a single color, and the special-shaped bottle can be calculated as a two-color or multi-color.

Printing: silk screen printing and bronzing, (the number of silk screen printing and bronzing should not exceed 2 times. There are too many colors, high defective products and high cost)

Silk screen printing: there are usually two kinds of glass bottle silk screen printing. One is high-temperature ink silk screen printing, which is characterized by difficult decolorization, dull color and difficult purple color matching. The other is low-temperature ink silk screen printing, which has bright color and high requirements for ink, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to bottle detoxification. Gold and silver stamping: 0.5 yuan / style.

The above is about the glass bottle of cosmetic processing packaging materials.