An introduction of the shoulder injection processing

Column:Industry news Time:2022-12-28
An introduction of the shoulder injection processing

1. Put the mold into the injection molding machine (IMM), and the injection molding machine will close the mold. 

Under the action of the fixture, the mold will remain closed during the plastic injection molding.

2. The plastic in the shape of granules or pellets is fed into the injection molding machine.

3. The injection molding machine heats the plastic until it becomes liquid.

4. The injection machine nozzle then injects the melted plastic into the mold (injection pressure). 

At this time, the mold cavity is filled with plastic liquid. These liquids will form solid products when cooled.

5. Finally, the ejector (linked to the ejector system) discharges the cooled product from the machine and becomes a finished part. 

The injection molding process has been completed.

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